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New Look, Same Products (plus some new ones)!

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Introducing Smither Family Kitchen 2.0.  We are proud to introduce our new Texas pepper logo and bold new labels.  Although we are sad to let the old look go, the new labels better represent what our product are and who they are for.  Bold products need bold labels, right?

Our Habanero Dillapeño (Sweet Heat) is now called Sweet Dillanero.  By customer request, we've added an Unsweet Dillanero, America's new hottest dill relish.

Also by customer request, we now have apparel on our website so you can rep your pepper.  Please submit new product and apparel option requests to

Through this transition, some products have changed names.  If you are confused about which product is which, please refer to the name conversions below:

Original Dillapeño (Sweet & Spicy) -> Sweet Dillapeño

Classic Dillapeño (Spicy Dill) -> Unsweet Dillapeño

Habanero Dillapeño (Sweet Heat) -> Sweet Dillanero

New Product -> Unsweet Dillanero

Thank you for being a part of the #SmitherFam!