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  • Dillapeño (Sweet)

    SweetDillapeño is our family's original Texas twist on sweet relish.  It adds a unique sweet and spicy kick to any food.  The most common reactions are: "It's great on everything!" and "I'm addicted to...

  • Dillapeño (Unsweet)

    Unsweet Dillapeño is our family's Texas twist on traditional dill relish.  Our secret blend of flavors creates a zesty and spicy experience from start to finish.  It took years of tweaking, testing, and...

  • Dillanero (Sweet)

    We took the sweet heat to the next level in Sweet Dillanero by adding in habanero peppers.  As an awards winning salsa, relish, and wing sauce, it goes great on everything!   WARNING: This ain't yo momma's...

  • Dillanero (Unsweet)

    Some people juts can't get enough heat...  Unsweet Dillanerotakes your taste buds above and beyond as the HOTTEST blend of pickles and peppers for all your recipes!